Aloha Essence Of Maui


We are Aloha Essence of Maui. We are a Local Business which was started by a Hawaiian family. We took the business over in 2006. We hand make our own line of bath and aromotherapy products. Featuring hand made aromo bath salts.

All Salts are Hand Mixed with Natural Colors Made from Maui Flowers and Sun Dried in the Maui Sun. All natural no chemicals all natural. We Distill our own oils and mix into an Ancient Hawaiian Hand Made Medicinal Oil. The Salts are all harvested from Maui. Ensuring you are getting an all natural Handmade, Hand mixed product made on Maui. Very Healing, Very Hawaiian, Very Handmade on Maui with Aloha.

Booth at Handmade on Maui Sundays at Queen Kaahumanu Center.