Aloha Essence Of Maui


  • Hawaiian Mango – Meditation – Hawaiian Mango with Coconut Essential Oils.
  • P O G – Immune System/ Energy – Passion Fruit with Orange and Guava Essential Oils.
  • Da Kine – Sinus and Mental Clarity- Tangerine and Passion Fruit Essential Oils.
  • Haiku Rain – Body Balance – Papaya, Mango and Plumeria Essential Oils.
  • Hula Hands – Body Detox – White Ginger Flower with Mango and Pineapple Essential Oils.
  • Lemon Grass – Respiratory
  • Maui Mist – Stress/Mood Enhancer- Maui Rose (Lokelani) with Pikake and Plumeria essential Oils.
  • Plumeria – Love and Compassion- Plumeria Essential Oil.
  • Pikake – Calming- Pikake Maui Hawaiian Jasmine Essential Oil.
  • Tuberose – Uplifting Spiritualistic – Peace- Maui Tuberose Essential Oil.
  • Island Lavender – Healing/Relaxing- Alii Kula Lavender Essential Oil.